Quarterly Expert Inspection

The client had little knowledge of the requirements to inspect racking on a regular basis. They were concerned with the high levels of damage occurring and also not being reported by warehouse operatives. Following our recommendation to select a suitable person in house to be the ‘person responsible for racking safety’ (PRRS), we agreed to conduct quarterly inspections on an initial 12-month basis.

Remedial repairs were carried out as highlighted within their first report and the selected PRRS was then trained on a rack awareness course. Our aim with the quarterly inspection was to help implement the correct procedures and identify causes within a shorter period of time.

By shortening the ‘Expert inspection’ we were able to assist the newly appointed PRRS to identify, record and analyse all findings. This enabled preventative measures to be implemented much sooner than would normally have been possible.

Within 6 months the levels of damage original reported had reduced by 2/3rds and procedures were having a positive impact in preventing unnecessary damage. Following the final quarterly inspection, it was decided to reduce the frequency of our inspections to bi-annually from then on.

Quarterly inspections not only helped to pin point problems and repetitive damage early, but also ensured preventative measures were implemented quickly. This dramatically improved the safety and durability of the racking system in a very short period of time.