Rack Safety Training and other Services

Rack safety training is a vital part of every operating procedure. Without it, we have less awareness and a far greater risk of incident, injury and above all else, not complying with the law. Employee competence can decline if periodic refresher training is not introduced. We can support you to ensure continued operator competence.

Rack awareness training

A basic course helping to educate warehouse operatives of how to carry out frequent in house inspections, identifying documenting and monitoring damage.

Courses Available Now

Load Data / Structural Calculations

Whether you require missing load notice signage information or structural calculations for a bespoke structure, providing your equipment is satisfactory and compliant with industry standards we can provide the necessary loading information you require.

This service is only offered as an additional service following an initial inspection of the structure due to the various issues that can arise, such as poor installation, modifications, and corrosion, etc. to name a few.

Remedial works or replacement may be required prior to this service if following our inspection, the equipment is not up to standard.

Racking Accessories

Rack protection is a fundamental part of storage equipment that can reduce damage and save cost.

Where racking is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles, it should be protected.

By installing low level renewable column guards to exposed areas we minimise the risk of damage to racking uprights and frame braces from accidental impact. End frames, corner uprights and drive through (bridge) bays in a run of racking are especially at risk and should be suitably provided with a protective device in a high visibility colour.

Site surveys

As racking inspectors, we have a meticulous eye for detail and many years of experience surveying industrial warehouse structures with backgrounds within the pallet racking industry. We are able to provide a surveying service tailored to suit your budget and requirements.

All surveys include one site visit and a high quality dimensioned drawing complete with internal plan and elevation details that are emailed electronically in AutoCAD or PDF format complete with your own or client details.

Strict client confidentiality assurance for all enquiries or future projects.


Whether you are looking to move to new premises or looking to re-design part of your existing warehouse, due to growth. With our knowledge we can provide you with a number of cost saving solutions and recommend the correct options based on your budget.

We will consider a variety of aspects and look to:

Maximise your storage capacity
Minimise travel distances
Improve pick rates and productivity
Improve safety / reduce damage
Improve traffic and pedestrian procedures
Recommend cost saving replacement systems

Our inspectors have a wealth of knowledge from backgrounds in the storage industry manufacture and distribution, including initial design, project management and safety. Above all, we are fully independent and have no ties to a particular manufacturer or distributor and therefore have your best interests are at the forefront of the services we provide.